When thoughts
become things

Over almost 65% of child labour across the globe is directly or indirectly employed by the fashion industry.
Aren't we giving up too much, for too little?

Our philosophy

When most of the country is busy moving towards international practices, we believe in making the best of the art we have here, at home. 

Dressfolk, is a classic tale being re-written in the contemporary era. We are built on a foundation that idolizes a journey back to the very roots - of Indian heritage, traditional crafts and value for human lives.

Simple thoughts

For us, it is about making statements that are simple, yet loud in thought.

Every time any high street brand launches a new collection, a lot of it looks exactly like its previous version. The market is clearly under utilizing its own indigenous resources: The Indian Crafts.

The dull monotony of this chain, perhaps needed to be broken - for everyone to find the one piece that is as unique as the wearer, as unique as them. With the vision of reviving Indian crafts, Dressfolk came to life. The thought is simple. Rooted Indian elements that translate into the wardrobe of contemporary lifestyle.

At Dressfolk, this spirit comes from our focus on finding the perfect textile and blending it with a traditional craft, almost seamlessly. We are rooted yet ever-changing, modern in thought, yet Indian at heart.

The Heart of Dressfolk

The future of fashion and the planet relies on people – the people who hand-make our clothes, our employees and our customers.

We build the most ethically collaborative relationships with our local stakeholders - our artisans, and weavers to understand the complexities and contexts of our craft regions and crafts itself, with the intention to manage impacts on people and operate in the most responsible way possible. 

We are our people - the thinkers, the makers and the wearers.


The Protagonist

We don't follow the traditional retail model. Not because it doesn't work, but because it doesn’t work for us, specifically. We believe in fair and honest pricing to empower the artisans to flourish. We get the edge of technology and supply chain science to bring valuable ancient traditions of textiles to modern life without pushing artisans to the very bottom of the funnel - our vision is to bring education, efficiency and a refined skill-set to the forefront.

Dressfolk, in our words, is a classic tale being re-written in the contemporary era. The first few words of this tale were inked by Nitin Mehrotra in 2017. With us, you get exactly what you see on the screen, every single time. We are based in Delhi, but our heart lies across India.

Today and for the days to come, we dream to journey across the length and breadth of this country, and make the tale of every craft a part of our own, one motif at a time.


Were the latest trends of Indian traditional sarees made by our own Indian Artisans.

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