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Nitya Uppal

Assistant Editor - POPxo



Conviction is a virtue, hard to find. But when Nitya Uppal speaks out, you can almost feel the amount of confidence attached to each word. Nitya, the assistant editor of POPxo, claims to be a shy and awkward person. Instead of initiating a small-talk, just for the sake of it, she would rather go for a long and meaningful conversation. Her busy schedule oscillates between work, books, TV-shows, work-out and bit more of the same. A lot of who she is today comes from her workplace. POPxo, as she believes, has given her the freedom to shape her thoughts in whichever way she fancies and also the opportunity to offer other women the same kind of liberty through content. It is also the stress free and fun environment that keeps the enthusiasm ever growing. She is, in every sense, a strong-willed woman who never doubts herself. If she wants something, she claims it in her gut, and gets it.

"One thing that I was obsessed with as a teen, was FASHION MAGAZINES"

Nitya was born in Delhi. She spent all her school life in one school, with a closely knit circle of friends. Nitya had immense interest in Psychology and knew that one day she would want to study the subject in depth. Her career-counsellor though had something else planned for her. Nitya was a teenager who loved reading magazines, watched almost all the hep TV-shows, and was aware of most of the things happening globally. Clearly, she was made for media, an option she had never given a thought to. It made complete sense to her though. After school, she got a call from both, a reputed college from the Delhi University and Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, Pune. She was supposed to make a decision that would have chosen the course of her life. She believed in her gut, and went for what changed her life; Media and Journalism.

"If I am writing, thinking or making any content for women, it's going to be for Indian women."

After spending a few days in college, Nitya knew that she had made the best decision of her life. She loved going to college and attending her classes. The energy of her classmates and their eagerness to know more inspired her everyday. Though Nitya was not completely aware of what she wanted to do after college, she knew exactly what she didn't want to. After eliminating a few options, she worked as an intern for Cosmopolitan and later for Marie Claire India. This gave her further clarity on what she wanted to do. Fashion Journalism it was. Nitya, as excited as she was, got a job right after college. Nine months after the job she realised that there is a bigger market out there about which she needs to learn more. She applied and eventually got an admission in the London school of Fashion. There, she studied global fashion and the difference between diverse markets and how to cater them. By the end of her post graduation, Nitya had become a person with strong work ethics and a fondness for perfection. All she wanted after that was to exploit these virtues to the fullest, for the women who were the residents of her own roots. Thus, she came back to India.

"Women have to speak louder, they have to step in."

After taking a couple of months off, Nitya got a job at a tech start up as the head of content. She did not only produce quality content but also led a team of writers. It turned out to be one of the most exhausting, yet fruitful experiences of her life. But what came next made her discover the perfect place for her. She was appointed as the assistant editor of POPxo, a women-oriented media platform. According to Nitya, it just felt right. Even the busiest days don’t exhaust her. It is something that comes naturally to her: talking about fashion, clothing and women in general. She heads a team of amazing young female writers. It is usually hard for a woman to be taken seriously in this patriarchy driven society. However, in her one year and eight months long journey at POPxo, never has Nitya ever felt less powerful that any man. Her team stands by her in all her decisions. They all believe in having each other’s back. It is a company for women, by women. Each day spent at the POPxo office strengthens her sense of liberation. Conviction, thus, takes you places unexplored. Places within, and outside and Nitya Uppal is the living testimony of this statement.

Nitya is donning 'Dots Obsession' Dress

Nitya: @nityauppal_17
Photographs: @pritiza7